NPR, WGBH acquire NPB


NPR and WGBH Boston have made an offer to acquire National Public Broadcasting, LLC (NPB), the leading multi-market sponsorship rep for public television and radio stations. The offer has been accepted in principle by Williams Communications, Inc., majority owner of NPB.

Combining NPB with NPR Corporate Sponsorship, NPR and WGBH will form a new independent non-profit company to represent sponsorship across all media for public broadcasting.  This new entity will become the largest and most comprehensive rep for national and local public radio, television and multimedia.
NPB CEO Robert Williams will retain that role with the new company.  Ken Stern, NPR CEO, will additionally assume the Chairman of the Board of this new entity; Jonathan Abbott, COO and President-Elect of WGBH, will also serve on the board. The deal should close by the end of October.