NY Interconnect expands interactive advertising scope


Here’s the first multi-MSO interconnect that will allow viewers the ability to request brochures, coupons and other info by clicking the remote. The New York Interconnect partnership between Cablevision Systems and Comcast Spotlight will offer advertisers interactive requests for information (RFI) to engage with consumers.

This move allows the Interconnect the ability to offer interactive advertising capabilities to 3.2 million digital subscribers in New York’s DMA. Operating as an LLC with affiliates of Cablevision and Comcast as its principal members, NYI provides advertisers in the New York DMA with the ability to buy spot television across more than 65 cable networks.  Advertisers can target by demo or geographic segment of the households that are reached via the Interconnect’s fiber optic delivery system.

This news adds to similar ongoing work in Montgomery, AL with Backchannel Media on Knology digital HD cable subscribers.

RFI allows advertisers to offer up overlays on the bottom of a 30-second commercial. A consumer can immediately respond to an ad by clicking his or her remote to request a coupon or special offer, a sample, brochure or DVD. The advertiser is able to have a dialogue with the consumer about its brand and put products into the hands of interested consumers, while taking advantage of measurability provided to them by the MSO.

Ed Renicker, EVP/GM of NYI, says they’ve have been offering viewers an opportunity to engage with a 30-second ad across the NYI and request more information about products and services: “We’ve been providing this capability across Cablevision’s service area for some time and have seen great success. Now that the Comcast systems are RFI-enabled, the New York Interconnect is able to provide its clients with the means to achieve a deeper connection with their target audience than the traditional 30-second TV spot.” 

NYI offers online opportunities including interactive banners, to long-form content with the ability to air two to five minutes of video across Cablevision and Comcast systems utilizing their advanced ad platforms.