Obama campaign commits $14M in nine states


DemocratCapitol Hill newspaper Politico is reporting the outlines of an advertising volley being launched by the Obama campaign that will hit nine states between now and Independence Day.

The campaign, which will add up to a total value of about $14M, has already begun – it’s kick-off date was 6/12/12. It is to run until 7/2/12.

According to Politico, a more precise accounting of the buy adds up to $13.7M. It notes that this is a fairly large sum of money to be throwing into television this early in the campaign.

Here is the state-by-state breakdown of the buy:
* Colorado: $1M
* Florida: $2.3M
* Iowa: $1.1M
* Nevada: $1.1M
* New Hampshire: $800K
* North Carolina: $1.7M
* Ohio: $3.6M
* Pennsylvania: $852K
* Virginia: $1.3M

RBR-TVBR observation: One word: Location. Here in North Carolina we’re already getting tired of this, with months to go. But we’re sure the local television stations are able to deal with it!