Obama-Emanuel: 66% say Youth To Inherit today


66% Say America’s Youth To Inherit a Country “Worse Off” Financially. Gulf Oil Spill – Americans Say Wave the Jones Act, Support Removal of Drilling Moratorium and Hold Government Partly to Blame. 66% Say America’s Youth To Inherit a Country “Worse Off” Financially.

Publisher comment: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel . Well guess what, the crisis is now on the shoulders of President Obama and Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel looks at a crisis as a political marketing opportunity to advance himself and Obama. It shows and the American public is not stupid they see it and the vast majority has had enough. The smell is past their nose and it stinks. Polls and research from all areas sampled prove this out – Barack Obama having no experience in the real world to face real world crisis shows. To consistently not hear the cry of the American public is outrageous. Inside the beltway lost touch years ago with the USA in all walks and corners of life. Experience, there is no substitute – Obama has none and it shows.    – Jim Carnegie, Publisher RBR-TVBR (small business media publisher 27 years)

Now let’s examine the pure facts and current research with an outstanding completed sample:

First: It appears that over two month’s worth of oil gushing from a well off the Gulf Coast has Americans disagreeing with how the Obama administration is handling the disaster, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 5,533 respondents.

First, 47.6% say the president should wave the Jones Act, making it easier for foreign vessels to aid in the cleanup (compared to 19.9% who don’t).

Second, it seems that the judge who overturned the Obama administration’s six-month deepwater drilling moratorium is more in sync on the topic with Americans than the president. 42.8% support removal of suspension (29.8% don’t). One reason Americans oppose the moratorium could be that 57.1% believe it would lead to more layoffs in an already-struggling Gulf region.

Further, 50.6% of Americans think the government shares some of the responsibility for the spill in the first place for making oil companies drill in deep rather than shallower waters.

Regarding President Obama specifically:
65.7% say he needs to focus on solving the oil crisis before pushing any new climate change legislation (18.1% say he doesn’t).
And Americans are split on whether it’s appropriate for him to be seen golfing, attending baseball games and hosting concerts while the disaster remains (41% say yes; 40.7% say no).

Other key findings:

• 65.5% believe today’s youth in American will inherit a country “worse off” financially… only 8.4% say it will be “better off.”

• 40.6% believe that the “American Dream” is still attainable, 34.2% say it’s not and 25.2% don’t know.

• Of those with employer-provided healthcare, 54.6% are somewhat/very concerned that the reform will affect their current plan.
• Americans are split on government spending more money to stimulate economy…40.7% say yes, 40.1% say no.

• Also split on Supreme Court Nominee Kagan…49.9% say yes, 50.1% say no (of those with an opinion).

(source: The American Pulse™ Survey is collected online by BIGresearch® twice a month exclusively utilizing Survey Sampling International’s (SSI) U.S. panel covering topics such as politics, pop culture and the economy. Over 5,000 respondents participate, providing greater insights and accuracy of +/- 1%. www.bigresearch.com )