OMVC highlights the future of mobile DTV


At this year’s NATPE conference, The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), an alliance of more than 800 broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile DTV in the United States, is sponsoring a panel of broadcasters, consumer electronics manufacturers and analysts to discuss the future of mobile DTV.

The 2009 NATPE Conference features this headlining panel to illustrate the power of mobile DTV. This technology extends broadcast-quality simulcast TV to next-generation mobile and portable devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, handheld PDAs, portable media players and gaming devices, not to mention the limitless interactivity and application opportunities. The robust and flexible ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) Mobile DTV Candidate Standard also extends a variety of automotive opportunities, ranging from factory-installed in-vehicle entertainment systems to dealer-installed and aftermarket entertainment systems, as well as GPS systems enriched with local broadcast receiver capabilities. With mobile DTV, consumers literally never have to miss a minute. This discussion follows the much anticipated commitment from broadcasters, who declared their intention to launch mobile DTV across 63 stations in 22 markets, covering 35 percent of U.S. television households.