On Citadel pulling “Timeless” format


I knew it was over for the format when I tuned in a while ago and heard a fat lady singing. Although I certainly feel terrible for anyone who has, or will, lose a job as a result of this action, I must say: “It was inevitable.”   Frankly, the small handful of other pretenders will soon follow suit as well. 

“The format has more limited appeal to advertisers”?   Well, they made it that way!   Shame on them.  Alone.

The dilemma of each of these syndicators is understandable:  their miserably out-of-date programming has delivered a laughably miniscule audience, with nearly three-fourths of their listenership OVER THE AGE OF 65!   How could  that possibly sustain itself?

My “Smokin’ Pop Standards” format, however, delivered an average age of just 48 in two “Top-20” markets!

Now you’re talking:  “An Intoxicating Blend of Lounge, Swing, Jazz & Blues.”   We became the Youngest, Hottest, Hippest, Coolest version of the format in history!  When it wasn’t a “client dictate,” agency buyers tried to find a way to include it as it became a “media darling.”   A/E’s loved selling the product!

This format is designed specifically for the Baby Boomers.  This target represents:

• Nearly 80 Million people,
• Two Trillion Dollars in annual income,
• 50% of all discretionary spending, and…
• 70% of Total Wealth

“Smokin’ Pop Standards” is 62% female-leaning.  Well educated.  Active.  Mobile.  Fun & Exciting.

There is not one “Standards” syndicator or consultant that can prove that they deliver a sellable demographic.  Not one.

I feel so uncharitable to any provider who’s perplexed by the formats’ inability to provide “key demographics” when the music continues, to this day, to include: Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Anne Murray, soft Beatles, Petula Clark, Perry Como, Paul Simon and the like. C’mon.

How many Sinatra cuts, combined with a recast Rod Stewart, together with the bonafide Buble can make up for that disastrous line up? I say again: “Shame on them” !

“Music of Your Grandma’s Life”, Jones, the Lounge, and Dial-Global can man the phones all they want.  All these providers are providing is another sad, carbon-copy of the format that just went off life support.  Mercifully.  “Timeless” suffers no more. And, gratefully, we suffer no longer as well.

I offer an excellent product.  “Smokin’ Pop Standards” is an exciting alternative. The youngest, hottest, hippest, most talked-about version of the format in history!  We have documentable demographics and offer an upbeat, “Swingin’ Sound.”  Of course, we truly deliver an upscale, well educated, well-moneyed audience.  Advertisers don’t want these listeners why???

The best Christmas gift an uphappy owner can provide his community is “Smokin’ Pop Standards”. 

Social Expert John Parikhal begs the business to pluck this “Low Hanging Fruit.”   Check.

Management Guru Tom Peters tells the industry to “capture the Boomer, control the females and be Cool.  Seriously Cool.  Billions and billions of dollars are at stake.”  Check.

Radio’s Best Friends, Ries & Trout, implore  broadcasters to “Differentiate or Die.”  Check.

Regrettably, all four experts might suggest that their advice is being ignored.  By all syndicators.  By  many owners.

There IS an alternative. I’m willing to talk about the options.  Hope I have the chance.  Best Regards. 

–Chuck Hillier
New Standard Communications
[email protected]