On Michael Collins


Michael Collins was a Samuel Pepys of our profession.  He loved the medium of radio and those who labored in its vineyards.  He was an agreeable and beloved fixture over the years at all the high councils of the New York State Broadcasters Association.

At every conclave and seminar in Cooperstown, Lake George, Saratoga and Westchester, Michael was surely one of the brightest guys in the room.  By his knowledge and writings, he has ennobled our profession. 

Michael carried on a 40 year romance with our tribe as its definer, chronicler and champion.  In recent years Collins listed himself as working for WNET, where he wrote the blog for Public Television icon Bill Baker. The Radio broadcasting fraternity was like family to him. His family mourns him. 

— Bill O’Shaughnessy, President/Whitney Radio—WVOX, WVIP Westchester County, NY