On second thought…


KJLA-TV Ventura, CA has wanted for some time to race into the digital transition and shut off its analog Channel 57 signal, leaving only its new digital signal on Channel 49. But the FCC turned down the station’s request back in 2005, since some analog viewers would be inconvenienced and that turning off the analog signal wouldn’t hasten the introduction of new services since the spectrum had not yet been auctioned (2/15/05 TVBR #32).

Three years later, in February of this year, KJLA LLC asked for a review of the FCC’s previous decision. This time the Commission found that circumstances had changed. The spectrum has been auctioned and, with the February 17, 2009 DTV transition looming, allowing early termination of analog by stations such as KJLA may help them achieve a “successful and timely transition.” So, KJLA will be permitted to turn off its analog signal a few months before all stations are required to do so.