Full Studio Control: A Focus Of WebDAD’s Facelift


Users of a cloud-based radio automation platform from ENCO have a whole new look to look forward to, should they be attending the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The conference and expo will see ENCO unveil the second generation of its WebDAD automated studio workflow system. The update, says ENCO, allows broadcasters to take full, native control of the radio station from any networked location.

WebDAD is part of the ENCO enCloud product line. The redesign is based on an HTML5 architecture, which means broadcasters are no longer required to use a specific type of web browser (one that, in the past, required the support of Java — something Safari does not do).

“The open, flexible nature of HTML5 programming ensures that broadcasters are no longer limited to specific web browsers, enabling complete native-level control from any workstation or mobile device,” says ENCO.

Company President Ken Frommert said, “The benefits of web-based control of radio automation have long been understood and requested by broadcasters, but until WebDAD the interfaces have been limited to the simplest playback tasks. WebDAD changed this by introducing the ability to manage and drive on-air presentation, playlist manipulation, voice tracking, and other critical production tasks across the end-to-end workflow.”

WebDAD further moves broadcasters in the direction of a fully virtualized broadcast and production environment, since the the board operator no longer needs to be physically at the radio station to control and playout a live radio show.

With the elimination by the FCC of the Main Studio Rule, this makes WebDAD a product that could be of particular use for broadcasters across the nation.

ENCO will demonstrate WebDAD and the entire enCloud suite at the 2018 NAB Show, taking place April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ENCO will exhibit at Booth N3824.