On the FCC using billboards for DTV transition notices


There must have been an advertising agency involved.

As you know, billboards can be great for things like "Wendy’s – Next Exit", or even for radio stations.  While driving in your car, a billboard for the hot new hip-hop station may cause you to turn your dial to that station (then again, maybe not).  Because it relates to something you can do right then – in your car.  
But billboards for the digital television transition?  

Billboard exposure is typically 6-seconds, if at all.  What can you tell somebody in 6-seconds that will prepare them for the DTV transition?  And why would they care about that if they were in their car and couldn’t deal with it right then?

Like I said, there must have been an advertising agency involved.

Larry Fuss, President

Contemporary Communications LLC

Las Vegas, NV