One good fine deserves another


It’s one thing to operate from the wrong coordinates. It’s another to fail to power down when the sunset, as called for in a station’s license. WNBN-AM Meridian MS managed to commit both violations. Owner Frank Rackley Jr. was aware that the station had strayed from its assigned coordinates. It apparently happened some time ago, when a deal to set up a transmitter at the licensed coordinates fell through. So Rackley simply set up shop elsewhere in the area, avoiding the requirement to power down from 2.5 kW during the day to 330 watts after the sun is down. In fact, the station was habitually staying at 2.5 kW straight through to its 9PM sign-off. The FCC assessed 8K in fines for the two uncontested infractions. However, a peek at the station’s financials convinced the Commission to reduce the fine to 1.5K.