One Month To Go For LPTV Construction Deadline


Today’s sale of several unbuilt LPTV stations by DTV America, controlled by HC2 Holdings, is just one of many seen over the past several weeks.

And, more could be on the way, as the Media Bureau has just issued a reminder to “certain  permittees” of new digital low power television and television translator stations that their construction deadline is fast approaching.

That date is July 13. At 11:59pm local time on that date, these permittees “must complete
construction of their facilities, begin operating, and within 10 days file a license to cover application.”

Failure to do so will result in the construction permit being automatically forfeited without any further affirmative cancellation by the Commission.


What if a permittee needs additional time to complete their new digital facilities? The Media Bureau says they may submit an application for extension of their digital construction permit. However, this will need to include a waiver request for the CP extension filing deadline of March 15, 2021.

“Permittees that do not plan to complete construction of their digital facilities are encouraged to submit their construction permits for cancellation as soon as possible,” the Media Bureau instructs.

Or, in the case of HC2, find a buyer at any price.