One Solution Platform Adds Vocal Back-Up With WebVT


PlayoutONE Pro, part of the MusicONE scheduling platform offered through Envision Networks, now includes access to their new remote voice tracking app.

WebVT (Web Voice Track) is available at no additional cost to current and future affiliates.

To use WebVT, the voice talent plugs a mic into his or her computer, logs onto their system and gets instant access to their playlists. The talent records his or her audio and adjusts it along with the music files on the timeline.

It’s possible to record a voice track and have it play on the air within 30 seconds.

“WebVT brings the radio station to the talent, wherever they are in the world,” said PlayoutONE Pro and Radio Station Solutions CEO Dave Brierley-Jones. “Built on simplicity, the jocks get access to the Media Finder, Segue Editor and station’s social media accounts. It’s like being in the studio! Most importantly it’s secure, only allowing access to those who need it.

Among the satisfied users is iHeartMedia’s Premium Choice air personality Mike Kaufman, the daily voice guy for several iHeart stations.

For information on the “one solution” MusicONE, TrafficONE and PlayoutONE Pro, visit or email [email protected].