Online Video Ad Standard Lacking


Online VideoCompanies using online video to market their goods and services may not be getting their money’s worth, and it all boils down to definitions. The Media Rating Council says one thing, according to a STRATA report, but the people actually viewing the ads say another.

According to a Bloomberg report, it all hinges on the issue of viewability.

The definition in use says that if 50% of an ad’s pixels are can be seen for two seconds, it should be enough for the viewer to identify what’s being advertised.

However, the STRATA study finds that the standard applies to but 25% of the viewing public. 75% need three seconds or more, and 44% need at least four seconds to recognize the brand.

This comes along with the fact that 41% of viewers make use of the “skip this ad” function before they know the brand.

Also included in the survey was the finding that while 48% find online video ads just as annoying as those on television, 36% say they are even more annoying.