OnRad.io Debuts


Onradio-LogoNew company OnRad.io says it’s making Internet radio more discoverable and enables users on messaging apps to share music.

The new search technology tracks free online radio stations constantly and determines what songs are being played at that exact moment. This technology opens up a library of songs, which can be searched, found and played in real-time, according to company CEO Michael Robertson.

The goal, he says is to make it easy to find any song aired on an Internet station in one click and share it, “ultimately driving more listeners to the content.”

Mobile users can search using free Android or iOS apps while desktop users can use OnRad.io via a browser.

To send a song, users construct an OnRad.io URL attaching either a song or artist name to the URL and send it to another user. When the recipient clicks the received URL, the OnRad.io app opens and plays.