Orban Reorganizes PCn1600 Sales


Orban Labs, the maker of audio processing systems for AM, FM, DAB+, HD Radio, television and Internet broadcasting, is “reorganizing” sales of its PCn1600 audio processing software.

Translation: years of exclusivity have ended for two entities that had exclusive sales licenses.

For several years, Modulation Index and StreamS had an exclusive license to sell PCn1600 processing; that exclusivity ended last week.

“All Orban dealers worldwide can now add our PCn1600 to their Orban product portfolio,” said Orban President David Day. “PCn1600 users have enjoyed the clarity and intelligibility that only Orban can provide, and we want them to continue offering this high quality to their listeners.”

It is Orban’s understanding that Modulation Index and StreamS will continue to support their existing PCn1600 users, Day added.

PCn1600 was developed by Bob Orban to bring the company’s audio processing technology to audio streaming operating natively on Windows PC platforms.

Orban has used variants of the PCn1600 in its XPN-AM processor and in the Linux-based Ross RSAP.