Original MTV ‘VJ’ Gets iHeartMedia Midday Radio Slot


For listeners of SiriusXM’s “80s on 8” Channel, every weekend “The Big 40 Countdown” features three of the original MTV VJs, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwell and Mark Goodman. With JJ Jackson deceased, there’s been an inconspicuous absence on the satellite radio broadcaster’s lineup.

Martha Quinn is the other VJ who first entertained a generation of cable TV viewers. And, chances are she won’t be joining her former MTV air personalities anytime soon. That’s because she’s just inked a major deal with iHeartMedia that puts her in middays across more than 35 markets where it owns radio stations.

On January 10, Quinn will begin hosting The Martha Quinn Show on radio stations known for playing today much of the songs that were new when Quinn was on MTV in the 1980s.

Quinn’s program will air in middays, regardless of market. Stations include KOSF-FM in San Francisco, the station branded as “103.7 FM 80s+.” Quinn has been associated with KOSF as its morning show host for five years.

Other confirmed markets where Quinn’s show will be heard include Seattle, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and St. Louis. While iHeart operates Classic Hits stations in each of these markets, a roster of stations was not provided by the company.

“Martha has such a genuine and uplifting personality and she constantly brings excitement and positivity to listeners,” said Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer and President of the National Programming Group for iHeartMedia. “She has an unmatched ability to connect with her audience, not to mention an amazing playlist filled with the songs she helped make famous through the years. We know that listeners across the country will fall in love with Martha Quinn, just as audiences everywhere have for decades.”

Quinn’s time at MTV began in July 1981, following her graduation from New York University. The man in charge of MTV at the time? iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman, largely known at the time for programming WNBC-AM 660 in New York in September 1977 — at age 23.