PA radio owner buys into MD


A trio of radio stations in the far western edge of the Maryland Panhandle are going to Broadcast Communications Inc., which already owns three AMs and one FM in the Pittsburgh PA area.

The stations are WMSG-AM and WWHC-FM Oakland MD and WKHJ-FM Mountain Lake Park MD.
In addition to the usual FCC approval, this deal will have to be approved by a local bankruptcy court. The seller is Receiver John Culp. The buyer is headed by Robert M. Stevens.

According to broker Ray Rosenblum the deal is valued at $775K.

* WMSG-AM is a Class D on 1050 kHz with 1 kW-D, 75 W-N, ND
* WWHC-FM is a Class A on 92.3 MHz with 1.4 kW @ 689’
* WKHJ-FM is a Class A on 104.5 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 663’.

Stevens’ other holdings are all in Pennsylvania and serve areas in and around Pittsburgh. They include WKHB-AM Irwin PA, WKFB-AM Jeanette PA, WKVE-FM Mt. Pleasant PA and WANB-AM Waynesburg PA.