PAC attack: Democrats outraise Republicans in May


The six national party-linked political action committees hauled in over $32M in campaign funding during the month of May between them, with the edge going to the three Democratic contenders by about $1.25M. Democrats also enjoy a significant advantage in cash on hand.

According to Politico, Democrats raked in $16.7M during the month, compared to a Republican haul of $15.45M, and are sitting on a combined bankroll of $60.1M, compared to the Republican total of $42.7M.

The DNC brought in $6.6M, with $14.5M in the bank, while the RNC raised $6.45M and has $12.6M in reserve.

The DSCC brought in $5M and has $17M in the bank. The NRSC only collected $3.6M in May, but has a bigger stash, with $18.1M put away.

The DCCC didn’t quite match the NRCC in fund-raising for the month, with $5.1M in income compared to NRCC’s $5.4M. But the Democratic PAC has $28.6M in the bank, compared to $12M for the Republicans.

RBR-TVBR observation: What Democrats do not enjoy is a set of comfortable polling numbers. Most of the indicators are pointing to a troubled election cycle. But for broadcasters, it doesn’t matter whether political dollars are spent on offense or defense – they all look the same sitting there in the cash register.