A Presidential Renomination For Ajit Pai


The world may now have a better understanding as to why FCC Chairman Ajit Pai met with President Trump at the White House on Monday afternoon.

Pai has been nominated to serve a second five-year term on the FCC.

In a statement released by the Chairman on Tuesday afternoon, Pai said he was “deeply honored” to have been nominated for a new term by the president.

“If I am fortunate to be confirmed by the Senate, I will continue to work with my colleagues to connect all Americans with digital opportunity, foster innovation, protect consumers, promote public safety, and make the FCC more open and transparent to the American people.”

Pai joined the FCC in May 2012, following his nomination by President Obama and unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate as a Republican Commissioner.

One of the first to offer positive accolades for Trump’s renomination of Pai to a new term came from fellow Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly.

“It is heartening to learn that President Trump has nominated my friend and colleague, Chairman Pai, for a well-deserved new term on the Commission,” O’Rielly said. “I know Ajit looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.  Together, we can achieve much to bring our rules into line with marketplace realities, removing unnecessary burdens on providers – and thus consumers — while also improving our internal procedures.”

American Cable Association President/CEO Matthew M. Polka also gave kudos to Pai upon news of his renomination by President Trump.

“Chairman Pai has proven over the years that he has the expertise and commitment to guide the FCC at such a pivotal time,” Polka said. “Most especially, Chairman Pai has shown that he understands that by applying light-touch regulations and removing barriers to deployment, broadband providers will accelerate their investments in their networks and provide consumers with the bandwidth they need to prosper in a connected economy. Chairman Pai also has demonstrated that he is committed to closing the digital divide by using efficient mechanisms to bring robust broadband service to unserved areas and to provide service to people who otherwise cannot afford it. ACA members stand ready to work with him to achieve these goals.”

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith also took time out to congratulate Pai on his renomination for another term at the FCC.

“During his tenure at the Commission, he has shown a deep understanding of broadcasting’s indispensable role in serving American communities with free, local and lifeline programming,” Smith said. “We are especially grateful for Chairman Pai’s support of AM radio revitalization, moving forward on a Next Gen TV standard, and reforming outdated media ownership rules. NAB urges his speedy confirmation.”