Pamal agrees to decree on sponsorship ID


The FCC and Pamal Broadcasting Ltd. have come to terms on a consent decree that will get the radio group off the hook for sponsor identification issues, and will also enrich the US Treasury to the tune of $50K. The company will undertake an in-company educational program to make sure all of its employees are aware of the rules when dealing with music promoters, right down to how much they can accept when being wined and dined ($150 max).

RBR/TVBR observation: Thanks to since-disgraced ex-AG and ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, New York was ground zero for the most recent round of payola actions. And while this is no time to be “voluntarily” helping to defray the national debt, Pamal is actually getting off easy compared to CBS, Clear Channel, Citadel and Entercom, who paid over $12M between them in similar agreements.