Pandora adds distribution platform


PandoraIt started online and is now growing in distribution via mobile devices. But Pandora Media isn’t limiting its horizons and is rapidly adding additional platforms.

It was just last month that Pandora announced a deal to be distributed on the DirecTV satellite TV system. [LINK] But that deal with one of the two satellite TV companies wasn’t exclusive. Now Pandora is two for two.

Dish Network has added Pandora’s personalized music streaming service to the Dish Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR system. “Pandora on the Hopper allows customers to easily search for their favorite artists or songs and create personalized radio stations that play only the music they love from the comfort of their homes,” said the announcement.

Dish customers with a Hopper can login to their existing Pandora account, or create a new Pandora account, to stream their personalized stations through their television.

While this is being offered by Dish, Pandora is not being delivered via the TV satellite system. Streaming Pandora on the Hopper requires an Internet connection.

“Pandora adds new dimension to the Hopper experience,” said Vivek Khemka, vice president of product management at Dish. “This partnership is another example of how we are working to make Hopper the entertainment platform of choice for America’s homes.

“We’re thrilled that Dish is making Pandora available to their customers on a great new platform like the Hopper,” said Ian Geller, vice president of Business Development at Pandora. “More than a third of all radio listening takes place in the home and Pandora delivered through the Hopper allows everyone in the family to easily access and enjoy music they love through their personalized radio stations.”

Dish’s Hopper features three satellite TV tuners and a two-terabyte hard drive that stores up to 2,000 hours of video. Accompanied by small, sleek “Joey” units, the Hopper enables customers to pause live TV in one room and continue watching in another room. Dish launched Hopper in March.

In addition to Pandora, Dish’s Hopper features apps that give viewers real-time access to Facebook, Twitter and photo sharing, as well as games, news, weather, sports and stock quotes.