Pandora offering e-biz integration to buying platforms


PandoraPandora unveiled a new e-business ad technology solution that will allow for frictionless planning and buying for media buyers. The new platform seamlessly integrates the largest media buying software platforms, Mediaocean and STRATA, with proprietary software built by Pandora in conjunction with Pandora’s ad ops and billing teams.

Pandora says this makes it the first and only digital publisher to integrate the planning, buying and billing phases of the buying process of digital advertising. The move brings to the table audience insights of Pandora’s more than 70 million listeners and marks an important step for what has been a largely manual process for the digital ad industry, as it automates the transactional process between buyers and digital publishers.

This marks the launch of the final stage of Pandora’s plans to fully integrate into media buying platforms. The first step, announced earlier this month, was the launch of Triton Digital’s measurement of Pandora in traditional radio metrics such as AQH and Cume. The second phase integrated Pandora audience data via Triton ratings into the Mediaocean and STRATA media buying platforms. This final stage offers the full-cycle solution from planning to buying to billing for multi-platform audio campaigns on Pandora.