Paradigm shift for CO DIY


Noncommercial Horizon Christian Fellowship has opted out of a CP it holds for an FM in Idalia CO, and is selling it to Roger Hoppe’s Conundrum Communications Investments Inc., who is planning on making it a commercial venture once it’s up and running. This is possible because the station is scheduled to take to the air well to the north of the reserved band at 94.1 MHz. Hoppe is paying $17.5K for it. At the moment, it’s pegged as a very small Class A with a mere 100 watts at 190’, but an application is already on file to take it up to Class C2 with 50 kw @ 285’.

RBR/TVBR observation: We still don’t see it as much of a threat to show up in an Arbitron or an Eastlan ratings report. The town of Idalia may well be the one that’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s in extreme eastern Colorado, not far from Nebraska, even less far from Kansas and very far from any yellow-shaded areas in our Rand McNally Road Atlas.