Partners take stock of Mountain Lakes Broadcasting


A three station group in the northern portion of Arkansas not far from the Missouri state line is going to parties who already hold 40% control. And in this stock transaction, the sellers will get a stake in an entirely different pair of stations.

The stations are KTLO AM-FM in Mountain Home AR and KCTT-FM in Yellville AR.

The Charles C. Earls Revocable Trust, the Scottie S. Earls Revocable Trust and Charles Scott Earls (as an individual) account for 60% of Mountain Lakes Broadcasting Corporation’s KTLO LLC. The other 40% belong to the Bobby Dean Knight Revocable Trust & Vivian Sue Knight Revocable Trust (20% jointly) and the Danny Ward Revocable Trust (the remaining 20%).

The two Knight RTs will each hold 25% when the dust clears, and The Ward Family Trust under Danny Ward will hold 50%.

The cost is $2.25M. $1.212M of that will be paid in cash at closing, and $521K will be paid pursuant to terms of a promissory note. The remaining $514K will be paid in the form of a 31.65% share in a pair of Missouri FM stations given to the sellers. The Earls family members will get a piece of KOMC-FM Kimberling City MO and KRZK-FM Branson MO.

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