Partnership Seeks ‘Improved Audio Ad Engagement’ For Mobile Apps


The company behind a voice dialogue marketing platform giving media companies and advertisers the ability to measure, manage, and monetize audio content by using interactive voice AI technology has inked a partnership with AirKast, a mobile publisher that operates a digital ad network.

The pact between AirKast and Instreamatic integrates the latter company’s offerings into AirKast’s AirBridge platform. “With this integration, all AirKast clients – including more than 800 media companies and broadcasters – will be able to benefit from Instreamatic’s audio ad technology and place fully-measurable, AI-powered interactive dialogue advertising within their audio content,” the companies said on Wednesday.

Unlike visual digital ads familiar to consumers across web and mobile interfaces, audio cannot be clicked – making it near-impossible to measure and attribute the real impact of audio ad campaigns, Instreamatic says.

With this integration, listeners using audio apps developed by AirKast and enabled by Instreamatic will receive voice ads that offer a verbal call-to-action.

Instreamatic collects the results of all voice ad interactions, empowering advertisers and publishers with uniquely rich and empirical ad metrics. “These metrics provide a full understanding of audience responses, and support data-driven ad campaign optimization,” the companies said.

Instreamatic recently announced an agreement with Pandora to test dialogue advertising later this year.

“With more listeners absorbing audio content through mobile apps than ever before, we’re proud to offer real-time ad metrics and superior engagement experiences that app publishers and advertisers will require to thrive going forward,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. “We’re eager to deliver our voice-enabled ad technology to AirKast clients, who now have the convenient option to realize the benefits the Instreamatic solution, fully-integrated with their audio-centric mobile apps developed by the talented team at AirKast.”