Pat McNew leaving PHD


Pat McNew, PHD EVP/Local Media Network (LMN) Director of Operations, is leaving the company on 3/31. Pat’s largest client was Chrysler, and needless to say, advertising has slowed significantly with automakers.
At this time, Pat had no immediate comment on the record.

We heard quite a bit of support from his friends in the business:

“Pat is tri-lingual.  He speaks client, agency and broadcast.  His passion for our product and his knowledge of agency and client infrastructure is a winning combination desperately needed in our business.  Please enlist me in any opportunity to support keeping Mr. McNew in spot television.”
–Robert G. Bee, Director of Sales, WTAE-TV/DT Pittsburgh.

“Pat McNew is a one-of-kind star, a truly memorable character, a friend to be counted on and as smart as they come.”
–Chris Rohrs, TVB CEO

“Pat has had a seat on the fifty yard line fighting for us and seeing first hand how the internet has been making significant in roads into traditional media budgets. That may be the primary reason he is no longer in his position.  He has been fighting city hall. If traditional media doesn’t put Pat with his 2009-2010 media knowledge into a position of power to take on these internet forces we are doomed. Traditional media must assemble a strong army  to take on these forces or we will be overrun by 2011.  Pat is the person who can assume command of our army and lead traditional broadcast media to victory over these intruders without a portfolio.”
— Dave Logan, Director, Focus360LLC

“Pat, I’m very sorry to hear about your imminent departure from PHD and wanted to let you know that working with you, even in a tangential way, has been a highlight of my tenure at WLKY-TV.  Your wisdom, humor and willingness to make time for humps like me puts you in the category of business executive I admire most; the true expert who retains an engaging, accessible decency and humanity while consistently operating at an extraordinarily high-level in a cutthroat business.

I hope the next path you take provides you with all you could hope for with regards to both challenges and rewards.  (Perhaps leadership of TVB or something with the Obama administration in D.C.?)  Whatever your decision, please know that I wish you the best and look forward to keeping in touch.

Best regards, Bob”
— Bob Ortiz, National Sales Manager, WLKY-TV Louisville, Kentucky

“As a close friend (and someone familiar with being ex-patriated by the OmniCom Group, BBDO Detroit) I too shall have to pass the hat to support our friend Patrick, Mr. Martin and I had lunch with Patrick today, it was as always a delight even though he joined our ranks of the Michigan subscribers to MARVIN (Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network), to us in Michigan the unemployment benefits system.  Our wishes are with you for all the best my best and I know I will see you soon.”
–Bobby Keyes

We highly recommend Pat take the reins of TVB after Chris Rohrs steps down. Pat’s new contact info after 3/31 will be: Cell: 248-202-1174 Email: [email protected]