Patent no longer pending for Jelli


Jelli, the service which links the power of radio with the power of social media, is now the proud possessor of U.S. Patent No. 8,392,206, “Social Broadcasting User Experience.”

The actual patent, “which describes a broad range of methods related to audience participation with a broadcast,” is said to have been issued 3/5/13.

According to Jelli, “Broadcasting is defined broadly as any one-to-many communication regardless of transmission method (e.g., terrestrial, digital, satellite, streaming, etc.) or broadcast medium (e.g., radio, television, etc.).”

Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty commented, “Jelli has made a significant R&D investment in both the technology, platform and underlying intellectual property around user-controlled broadcasting. This technology combines the reach of broadcast with the social engagement of the web, to unlock value for users, broadcasters and advertisers alike. We are pleased to receive a fundamental patent in this area to protect the innovations of our team, for our company and partners.”


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