"Pay to Play" is a dangerous goal


Has PBS made deals already with Sound Exchange using millions of taxpayer dollars while PBS wants more money to expand?  When you write a book you get paid on sales.  SE quoted me $2.00 a spin for the old record BOOM BOOM BOOM by John Lee Hooker that sold for 89 cents.  I lost over 20K when I gave up on Internet Radio due to SE.  PBS can pay “greenmail” and if this migrates to books then libraries will close.

Most of the music I like was cut years ago by artists who are now dead and don’t need royalties.  With warnings on copyrighted materials now carrying the criminal prosecution threat we may have ex-post facto.  Slippery slope due to offshore companies with fronts trying to change our laws.  

I sued SE and then dropped it due to heart surgery.  I have done all the research. This is similar to the U.S. Supreme Court LUCAS decision where they ruled an unelected body cannot make regulations to cause financial harm, etc.

–by Chuck Harder [email protected]:  You may remember him from WWBA-FM, WFLA, WPLP, WDAE and WLCY/WNSI. Chuck founded the first 24/7 full service network with news, sports, national weather in Tampa: Sun Radio. He’s also the founder of an organization for disabled, shut-ins and seniors: WWW.NEWABILITIESTV.COM