Pepsi, Budweiser led Super Bowl buzz


Hey! Nielsen presented findings yesterday of buzz generated by Super Bowl advertisers leading up to the big game. Buzz volume is depicted as a percentage of 13,550 messages about Super Bowl ads occurring between 11/1/07 and 1/29/08. Buzz for Pepsi was generated by behind-the-scenes and leaked footage of “Bob’s House,” an ad anticipated because it is geared towards a hearing-impaired audience. Budweiser also generated buzz by releasing ads early, but holding back the “punch lines.” Doritos’ buzz is from a CGM campaign on MySpace focused on getting a contestant’s music video played during the Super Bowl; votes and judges determine the winner.

Toshiba buzz comes from the highly engaged tech community speculating on whether or not Toshiba will use the ad to advertise their HD DVD player.

Audi has generated buzz with car enthusiasts and advertising insiders; interest stems from the news that they have created a “cinematic” ad, based on “The Godfather,” to counter typical car commercials.

See the charts below in the pdf attachment.