Pepsi, Pandora to celebrate the Grammys


Pandora, The Recording Academy and PepsiCo announced a multi-layered campaign that will harness and capture the excitement around the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on 2/12. As the premier sponsor of Grammy-related content on Pandora, Pepsi is giving fans access to Grammy -nominated artist content with a Grammy mixtape, artist video series and, for the first time, Grammy genre stations.

The Grammy mixtape can be found at and includes songs from nominees and newcomers in various 54th Grammy Awards categories.

In late January, Pandora and Pepsi will introduce a Grammy artist video series, featuring exclusive interviews with select 54th Grammy nominees. The videos will provide an inside look at the artists’ experiences as they prepare for the event. Additionally, fans will be able to enjoy first-ever Grammy genre stations on Pandora. Approximately 12 genre stations will be based around major musical genres and will spotlight the nominees.

RBR-TVBR observation: Pandora’s ability to tie in large events like this with a major advertiser like Pepsi rests upon its huge national listening scale. iHeartRadio is also building its scale with new custom listening channels and added stations from Cumulus. It recently tested its muscle with the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Rest assured, iHeart is looking for national venue and advertiser tie-ins such as the Grammys and is competing with Pandora as much as possible in this arena. Its leg up is the radio stations that can tie in promotional announcements at a low cost as part of the package.