Perdue flight will focus on dedicated employees


The brain trust at Perdue Farms believes that its customers want to know about how the food they eat made it to their table, and further believes that its workers do an exemplary job of making sure that the chicken its sells is top-notch. It’s going on television to tell this story to America.

It will be airing a round of documentary-style television spots that take viewers behind the scenes at the company, and features members of the Perdue workforce.

Perdue Farms Chairman Jim Perdue said, “We know that today’s consumers are interested in learning more about the food they eat. They want to know how the chicken was raised and what it was fed. At Perdue, we are proud of associates, our practices for raising chickens and our products, and we want consumers to learn more about us. This campaign allows us to share more of the Perdue story with consumers – We Believe in a Better Chicken has become a philosophy and promise that extends across the brand.”

The television portion of the campaign will have a nation footprint, and will be supported with digital, print, social media and retail elements.