Petry Television sees Q3 national spot pacing up 48%-54%


Petry says that according to activity recorded around the country by the  ad sales rep company serving more than 150 television stations in 35 states, national spot TV sales are trending up in that range for Q3. While expected to moderate as the quarter proceeds, sales are currently projected to finish the quarter with higher growth than that achieved in the first two quarters of 2010. 

This snapshot of robust activity, reflecting ad sales through the week ended 8/6, as compared to the same date last year, is led by spend from the Automotive category, whose aggregate national spot ad spend is seen pacing up in the range of 53% to 58%; packaged goods companies (36% to 41%), pharmaceutical companies (29% to 33%) and financial services companies (45% to 49%).  Political advertising, currently representing 12% of total national spot spend, is projected to grow substantially by the end of the quarter, representing as much as 13% to 15% of total national spot.

According to the Television Bureau of Advertising, total spot TV ad sales (including national and local advertising) for Q3 2009 finished down 28.1%, a figure representing the top 100 TV markets, and Q1 2010 industry-wide total spot TV sales grew 20.8%.

RBR-TVBR observation: This jives with what so many recent Q2 quarterly calls from broadcast groups have been saying. Automotive was the biggest hit everyone took last year, and Automotive is the biggest savior right now. According to recent headlines, so many people held back on buying new that their very used cars are literally falling apart now. The renewed quality and small uptick in the economy is helping the latest round of ads to bring folks into the showrooms.