Pick your generation


New owner Monticello Media has introduced another new format in Charlottesville, VA, dubbing two of its stations "generations 102.3 & 94.1." The "era-based" programming concept incorporates music of the ’70s, along with evergreen songs from the ’60s and compatible songs from the ’80s.

"Once again we didn’t allow ourselves to be confined by the rigid standard industry formats. We didn’t ask area listeners what existing radio formats they wanted, we asked them what music they wanted to hear and what music they wanted to hear together.  Our focus continues to be on what the audience wants to hear, not what fits neatly into a pre-defined, pre-determined, pre-packaged industry defined format," said Monticello Media Vice President/General Manager Dennis Mockler.

The format announcement says generations 102.3 & 94.1 listeners will hear the Eagles, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Journey, Beatles, Chicago and the Rolling Stones along with some Carole King, 10cc, Raspberries, Spinners, and Moody Blues.