"Piolin Por La Manana" gets Michelle Obama interview


On the heels of Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s recent interview with President Barack Obama, the three-time winner of the Marconi Radio Award will interview First Lady Michelle Obama in-studio, to air on 10/28 at 9 a.m. PT on Univision Radio’s “Piolin por la Mañana.” Listeners will be able to tune in on Univision Radio stations across the country and on www.showdepiolin.com.

This marks Michelle Obama’s first interview, in-studio with “Piolin por la Mañana” since she became the First Lady. Before that she was interviewed in studio while campaigning with Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential elections. Mrs. Obama will discuss important issues including immigration and child obesity.

The interview will air on several stations, including the following Univision Radio stations:

•         KSCA’s La Nueva 101.9 FM, Los Angeles, CA;
•         KSOL 98.9 & 99.1 FM, San Francisco, CA;
•         KSQL’s SOL 99.1 FM, Monterey- S.J. CA;
•         KHOT’s La Nueva 105.9 FM  , Phoenix, AZ;
•         KLNO’s Que Buena 94.1 FM, Dallas, TX;
•         KISF’s La Nueva 103.5 FM, Las Vegas, NV;
•         KLTN’s Estereo Latino 102.9FM, Houston, TX;
•         KOND’s Que Onda 92.1 FM, Fresno, CA;
•         WOJO’s La Que Buena 105.1 FM, Chicago, IL;
•         WQBU’s La Que Buena 92.7 FM, New York, NY;
•         KBNA 97.5 FM Que Buena, El Paso, TX;
•         KGBT 98.5, McAllen, TX;
•         KLNV’s La Nueva 106.5 FM, San Diego, CA;
•         KROM’s Estereo Latino 92.9, San Antonio, TX;
•         KLQB’s La Que Buena 104.3 FM, Austin, TX; and
•         KJFA’s La Jefa 105.1 FM, Albuquerque, NM.