Pittman booked for Radio Luncheon


The last time we saw Bob Pittman at an NAB convention in Las Vegas he was speaking to a “new media” gathering, but even there he managed to talk a bit about radio. NAB has announced that the former America Online COO will be the speaker for the NAB Radio Show Luncheon on Tax Day (!), Tuesday, April 15th. "His extensive background and diverse media experience will provide attendees with an in-depth look at the opportunities for the radio business," said NAB Exec. VP of Radio John David. That may be an understatement. Pittman has been a small market DJ, big market programmer, owned radio stations in various markets and, along the way, launched MTV and AOL. His investment company, Pilot Group LLC, is currently the backer of a radio group, Double O Radio, a TV group, Barrington Broadcasting, and several Internet ventures. 

RBR observation: Jaded journalists that we are, we don’t often get excited about any particular event that we’ll be writing about, but we will be sure to have a seat for this one. Larry Lujack (inductee to the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame) and Bob Pittman on the same stage at the same time! It’ll be like we’ve died and gone to radio heaven.