Podcast Listening, Revenues Expand


bridge_ratingsBridge Ratings podcasting studies show that while there is variance in the industry regarding the amount of money advertisers have invested in podcasting, revenues have grown approximately 25% over the last five years.

In fact, Bridge President & CEO Dave Van Dyke says the findings indicate a huge potential for growth (cost-per-thousands and total revenue) which is expected to stay consistent into 2020 at least.

As the number of podcasting listeners continues to expand (~8% over the last five years), the number of podcasts they listen to increases as well. Total podcast listens have grown ~11% during the same period and going forward Bridge sees these numbers accelerating.

Listener acquisition is fed in four key areas:

· Well-known radio personalities or celebrity hosts
· Cross promotion on both traditional radio and popular podcasts
· Social media buzz
· Presence in digital consumption rankers such as the iTunes Top 10 list.

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