Politics+Viewing Habits Can Help TV Sell Ad Inventory


Democrat and RepublicanLive television remains the primary way to consume video.

That’s according to Nielsen, which says the average adult spend more than four hours each day watching live television.

To see which local broadcast and cable programs voters are tuning into, Nielsen used its voter ratings data to identify voter political parties and viewing habits. This kind of information can help television owners and cable operators better sell their ad inventory to political campaigns, Nielsen figures.

The audience research firm matched TV viewing data from Q2 2015 with voter segmentation data in the Cleveland, Denver and Tampa-St. Petersburg DMAs. Key findings include: Local programs can be identified by station to efficiently deliver specific voter segments; One station can attract multiple voter segments depending on the program.

The study also found that English-language news shows were also an effective medium to reach Hispanic Democrat voters in Denver. In fact, the top two programs from Denver’s English-language broadcast stations were up to 155% more likely to reach Hispanic Democrat voters.

In Cleveland, Super Democrat female voters 30 and older were up to 148% more likely to watch primetime dramas and Ultra Conservative female voters in the same age group were up to 57% more likely to tune-in to news shows.

The findings underscore that program viewing in local markets differs by political affiliation.