Portland OR comments on Comcast/TWC


Comcast-logoThe City of Portland OR has looked at the proposed marriage of Comcast and TWC and does not like what it sees. Meanwhile, the FCC is seeking whispered comments on the same deal.

According to a report in The Oregonian, the city believes the result of the increased market power of the merged entity will be what it considers typical of such conglomerations: less competition coupled with higher prices for less services.

It the FCC approve the deal, the City wants to be assured that PEG channels will be protected; internet serviced to low income families will be increased; net neutrality principles will be adopted; customer services improvements will be standardized; and preferential treatment of certain established companies will be discouraged.

Other cities disagree with Portland. A group of more than 50 mayors, prominently including Michael A. Nutter of Comcast hometown Philadelphia, pointed out to the FCC that the two companies are not in direct competition in any one market, and stated their belief that the merged entity would be able to invest more in infrastructure for the benefit of customers in their cities.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that the FCC would like to have discreet confidential chats with various media companies with an interest in the merger.