Possible petition fraud in Wisconsin involves radio talker


Vicki McKenna is a conservative talker who holds forth on Clear Channel outlets 1310 WIBA-AM in Madison and 1130 WISN-AM in Milwaukee. She is no fan of the drive to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, but her name has allegedly shown up on a petition to do just that.

The Wisconsin Reporter, a listener told McKenna that her name, along with an accurate address, was seen on one of the petitions. She said, “I was obviously mad, but I was thinking to myself, ‘That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Who’s not going to notice that?”

McKenna has passed the allegation on to a Republican recall oversight organization, which may in turn bring it to the attention of the state’s Government Accountability Board.

A GAB official said it routinely checks for likely fraudulent petition signatures – Mickey Mouse, Adolph Hitler, etc. – but admitted that the more normal the name, the harder it is to catch.

A Democratic Party official said that with the large number of operatives it has working on the recall project, it is always possible that there is a bad apple or two. The Democrats are just as interested in bringing such an individual to justice as are the Republicans.

RBR-TVBR observation: No serious person engaged in an important effort such as this would do something this imbecilic; and a prankster could be operating on either side of the issue – either a less-than-brilliant supporter of the recall effort, or an opponent of the recall effort hoping to make the supporters look less than brilliant.