Price revealed in New Vision deal


Jason Elkin's New Vision Television recently announced it was picking up television stations in four markets, which not too long ago were part of Emmis Communications and then segued to Montecito Broadcast Group. Paperwork on the transaction has finally hit the FCC database, revealing the sticker price. The stations include CBS KOIN-TV in Portland; Fox/CW KHON-TV and satellites KHAW-TV & KAII-TV in Honolulu; NBC KSNW-TV and satellites KSNC-TV, KSNG-TV & KSNK-TV in Wichita; and NBC KSNT-TV in Topeka KS. Montecito, which paid 259M for them in a deal filed 10/7/05, will earn a tidy profit, selling them to New Vision for 330M.