PRISA Radio details 2011 programming for Latin America


The Spanish language radio broadcaster says its combined programming reach is now over 26 Million people in 10 countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala and the US. Their 2011 Latin American offerings revolve around Talk Radio, Music Radio, and Online. The lineup includes:
Reaching over 3.8 million people a month in Latin America, PRISA Radio is offering a variety of programs which include Global Vignettes (News, Health, Environment and Technology), Hora 25 Global (News and Opinion), Carrusel Mundial (Sports), Global Postcards (Travel) and Vozotras (Talker targeting women).
PRISA Radio is also offering in-depth sports coverage for the NBA finals, Copa Santader Libertadores, Copa America as well as the most important global sporting events.
PRISA Radio’s music offerings center around 40 Principales, the most listened to Spanish music radio network presented throughout eight countries in Latin America. Program offerings include: “Del 40 al 1”: A countdown of the weeks’ top songs; “Minuto 40”: A one minute capsule with info related to Los 40 Principales; “Hot 40”: The 40 Principales Morning show and “Game 40”: offering the latest gaming tips.
In addition, PRISA Radio hosts concerts around Latin America with international and local artists from the Television and Music industries providing the ultimate experience for attendees. Events Include: Premios 40, Evento 40, Basico 40 and World Dance Music concerts.
PRISA Radio also offers over 40 websites (PRISA Radio’s online Ad Network) worldwide with over 90 million views a month.