Pro-Gingrich PAC launches six-state radio flight


Super Tuesday is fast approaching, and the four remaining candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are doing what they can to lure voters. So are some of the candidates’ surrogates, and for Winning Our Future, which backs the candidacy of Newt Gingrich, that means $900K worth of radio advertising in six states.

The Fix, the Chris Cillizza column in the Washington Post, managed to get a detailed breakdown of the spending plans of WOF. It noted the following:

$238K: Georgia
$235K: Ohio
$172K: Tennessee
$98K: Oklahoma
$92K: Alabama
$32K: Mississippi

The first four states vote on Tuesday 3/6/12, and the latter two vote a week later.
According to The Fix, the ads are in addition to a recent national radio flight. Fueling the buys has been a series of cash infusions from casino owner Shel Adelson, who most recently kicked $11M into the WOF coffers.