Prometheus looks at the next steps for LPFM


TowersActivist public interest organization Prometheus Radio Project has been the driving force behind the expansion of the LPFM service in the US, and now that the filing window for new applicants is closed, it is looking at what comes next.

The group noted that there are currently more than 800 active LPFMs, and PRP’s own recent activity suggest that is a number that will grow dramatically.

It worked one-on-one with more than 300 LPFM-seeking groups on the technical and engineering aspects of their applications, and in all worked with more than 1,000 prospective applicants.

The group said that singleton applications – those applying to build stations on frequencies that have no mutually exclusive competitors – will be granted first, and expects that to take place early next year.

Once granted, it notes that the applicants will have 18 months to get the station up and running. Prometheus states that it stands ready to help make this happen.

Shortly after the singleton list is released, a second list showing the competitors for other LPFM availabilities should be released.

PRP Policy Director Sanjay Jolly stated, “In a media landscape dominated by national networks, low power FM is radio at its most local. These stations transmit less than 10 miles in any direction, but that small range can cover an entire town, suburb, or small city. In big cities, a low power station can reach hundreds of thousands of listeners. Since only local organizations are eligible to apply, low power stations can make radio relevant to the towns and cities where they broadcast.”


  1. I have encountered a public safety application from the city. By mixing community
    programming and public safety as competing applications I think the FCC stacked the deck against the local church applicant. Not sure how a city can generate 24
    hours of public safety program content that will serve the public unless they have different program content rules, which again stacks the deck against the little guy.

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