Pros and Cons on ‘ZoneCasting’ Submitted To FCC


The FCC, under former Chairman Ajit Pai largely fueled by Democratic Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, opened the door to a potentially game-changing proposal for an industry desperate for its own addressable advertising solution.

Thanks to technology developed by GeoBroadcast Solutions, the company behind Maxxcasting — which brings “fringe” FM signals a city-grade contour — has developed a scheme that splits, if you will, an FM station by zones.

Proponents including groups representing multicultural broadcasters say it’s a great way for some radio broadcasters to better compete with local digital media. Opponents including the NAB warn such a plan could present harm to niche ethnic stations already struggling to survive while destroying an already fragile rate structure at bigger stations.

Whether broadcasting remains broad or can get narrower saw GeoBroadcastSolutions, the NAB, the MMTC and NABOB all state their case to the Commission on Friday.

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