PTC hands out advertiser jeers and cheers


The Parents Television Council rates television shows according to its own standards of fitness for children, and it also takes note of who advertises on which. Put your messages that have been given the green light, and you may make the “Best” list. Coca Cola is the winner in the latest survey. Holding down the deepest slot on the “Worst” list is General Motors.

PTC’s Ten Best Advertisers, 2007-2008

1. Coca-Cola

2. The Clorox Company

3. Century 21 Real Estate LLC

4. H&R Block, Inc.

5. Ferrero S.p.A. (U.S.A.)

6. CVS Caremark Corporation

7. Whirlpool Corporation

8. The Hershey Company

9. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.

10. Hewlett-Packard Company

PTC’s Ten Worst Advertisers, 2007-2008

1. General Motors Corporation

2. Nissan North America, Inc.

3. L’Oreal USA, Inc.

4. Pepsi-Cola North America

5. GlaxoSmithKline Holdings (Americas) Inc. [Brands include: Beano,, Os-Cal, Nicoderm,  Sensodyne, Valtrex, Advair, Aquafresh, and]

6. Reckitt Benckiser, Inc [Brand: Delsym]

7. Target Corporation

8. Kohl’s Corporation

9. Verizon Communications, Inc.

10. Toyota Motor North America.