A New Signal For TV Tech Infrastructure Firm


It’s business focus is the same. But, the technology infrastructure company founded in May 2019 as Public Media Group has rebranded.

PMG is now Signal Infrastructure Group (SIG) while it recommits to delivering ATSC 3.0-focused products to public and commercial broadcasters.

“As a company, we serve the entire broadcast industry,” said SIG CEO Joe Chinnici, who believes the company’s old name limited its potential consumer reach. “We feel it is important that our name reflects our mission to serve both commercial and public
broadcasters with our physical and digital infrastructure.”

Having recently launched a new software platform, SIG’s products now include those designed to improve facilitating market transitions; designing, building and operating Single Frequency Networks to enhance signal density; workflow orchestration software to manage and configure the flow of information; and products designed to allow broadcasters to launch new interactive, NextGen applications.