Public split on NBC’s Conan treatment


Rasmussen has conducted a poll centered on the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien affair at NBC, and found that almost a third of respondents think that O’Brien is being treated unfairly. A slightly higher percentage, just about exactly a third, thinks that NBC is not out of line.

The biggest group, however, is the segment of society that isn’t sure one way or the other – that congregation makes up 36% of the whole.

Rasmussen notes that the fact that the unsure is the biggest group is not surprising, since 54% of the group rarely or never watches the shows in question. Only 9% of respondents watch late night talk five times a week; and only 7% watch at least once a week. 29% placed themselves in the occasional-viewer category.

Among the 9% who are there almost every night, the results of the fairness question are a different story. 49% think O’Brien has gotten a bum deal, with only 22% disagreeing.