Puerto Rico AM fetches $1M


La Mas Z Radio Inc. is getting a second commercial AM in the US territory of Puerto Rico. However, although reported as a duopoly due to the unusual nature of the Puerto Rico Arbitron market set-up, the deal will actually get La Mas Z into a second PR city.

The station is WLUZ-AM Bayamon. Bayamon is a suburb of San Juan on the northeast side of the island. The station is a Class B on 1600 kHz with 5 kW-U, DA2.

La Mas Z’s other station is WTIL-AM Mayaguez, serving that city on the west end of the island.

The seller is Marketing Promotion Network Inc., headed by Antonio Perez Yanez). It will have the full price in cash by closing time, less the $25K it already received when the buyer acquired an option on the station.

La Mas Z is headed by Aureo A. Mateo Barreto. By now his company should be reasonably familiar with the station – included with the contract filing was a second contract spelling out terms of an LMA that began 11/12/11.