Puerto Rico AM station gets a sister


$680K WOLA-AM Barranquitas PR from Torrecillas Broadcasting Corporation (Pablo Aponte Alicea) to Radio Procer Inc. (Juan M. Rosario). $100K cash at closing, $580K note. Duopoly with WJIT-AM Sabana PR. [FCC file date 1/7/13]

$75K KQQD-FM CP Elko NV from L. Topaz Enterprises Inc. (Dale A. Ganske) to Ruby Radio Corporation (Ken Sutherland, Mary A. Sutherland). $15K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Deal is contingent on approval of CP to move city of license to Winnemucca NV. Elko CP is for Class C3 on 102.7 MHz with 1.05 kW @ 1,532; Winnemucca app is for Class C2 on 102.7 MHz with 800 W @ 2,149’. [FCC file date 1/7/13]